Artist ~ teacher ~ writer ~ filmmaker

Hello, I’m Nils Osmar.  This site has information about my artwork, writings, movieand classes.

  • 12mythoscoverMy work as a writer has included songs and poems, short stories, articles, stage plays and screenplays.
  • My short story collection, The Hungry Time, was published in 1995.
  • My stage plays have been performed at the New City Theater Director’s Fesivals, Seattle Fringe Festival and other venues.  
  • My artwork has been published in the United States & Europe, and featured in national magazines.
  • My film production company, Wonder Productions, produces science fiction and fantasy, action, satire and more.
  • My classes are sponsored by an independent educational program, Some classes meet in Lake City, others meet on the University of Washington campus.
  • As time goes on, I’ll be posting more examples of my drawings, paintings, cartoons, graphic novels, stories, and other creative works.

New article: “Remembering the Experimental College”

Painting of green woman. Medium: acrylics and photoshop © Nils Osmar 2014Click below to Nils’s


12828352_10153233193626557_8195173820370831427_oNils Osmar’s:

My work as a visual artist has included portraits and caricatures, fine arts painting, Medium: acrylics and photoshop  © Nils Osmar 2014commercial art, book and magazine covers, and illustrating comics and graphic novels. 

My graphic novel Cyber Reality Comix was originally published in the United States, then picked up and reprinted by Europe’s largest comics publisher at the time, Egmont.

My favorite media include pen and brush, pencil, charcoal, acrylics and photoshop.

My FILM and MOVIES have played at local and international film festivals.  For information about my upcoming movie projects, visit Wonder Productions.

When I’m not drawing, painting, writing or making movies, or hanging out with friends, I’m usually teaching.  I teach courses in several of the media I work in, including writing, drawing and painting, cartooning, acting, and filmmaking.  In my spare time, I wonder whatever happened to my spare time! I offer classes through the University of Washington’s Experimental College as well as

Medium: acrylics. © Nils Osmar 2014


Fantastic Four #49 – based on a cover by Jack Kirby and Joe Sinnott – recreated in Photoshop by Nils Osmar

This is a tribute I did to a classic Kirby/Sinnot FF cover