I have a number of different interests, including :

  1. the arts: drawing, painting, writing, acting, filmmaking, and more
  2. movies (my own and others’)
  3. cats
  4. blueberries
  5. cleaning up the environment
  6. keeping the Earth livable, both for human beings and other life forms
  7. bringing back dinosaurs
  8. social justice – coming up with solutions that work for everyone
  9. ending racism
  10. health and fitness
  11. sex
  12. space travel
  13. walking around Green Lake
  14. hanging out with friends
  15. making money
  16. terraforming other planets
  17. alien life forms (which I’m sure are out there somewhere)
  18. the multiverse
  19. humanoid robots and artificial intelligence
  20. fasting and autophagy
  21. science fiction
  22. extending the human lifespan
  23. physical immortality
  24. and having fun

What are some of yours?