Video Editing with Adobe Premiere

Video Editing in Adobe Premiere Pro is taught by Jon Peck, and is another class I highly recommend.  Jon holds a degree in Computer Science from Cornell University.  Over the last two decades, he has worked as a web & software consultant, teacher, film producer, video editor, and advisor for companies large and small, from major hospitals & colleges to independent small businesses & artists.  He also teaches the WordPress for Beginners and the Adobe Illustrator course.

In Jon’s video editing in Adobe Premiere Pro class, you’ll learn key basics of how Adobe Premiere Pro works, then learn about:

  • the basics of video editing
  • invisible cuts, b-roll, how to import footage, timeline management, etc
  • color correction
  • audio cleanup & leveling, transcription, and addition of music & sound effects
  • how to export and distribute your movie digitally
  • how to buy or rent Adobe Premiere and other Adobe apps at a (very) reasonable cost

Note: Students do not  have to buy Adobe Premiere to take this class.  You can download a free trial version at, to use during the class sessions.

If you’d like more information about this class, please click here.