I grew up reading books of all kinds…. comics, magazines, science fiction and fantasy novels… and started drawing my own comics early on.  My parents, who’d lived through the anti-comics hysteria of the 1950s, in which comics were blamed for juvenile delinquency and other social problems, felt that my interest in comics was a waste of time, to say the least.

I felt, and feel, that comics have a natural charm.  They’re a form of visual communication, similar in many respects to movies, which is one reason comic book stories are so easily adapted to cinema, and vice versa.

When I started making movies in 2002, it was easy to adapt the storytelling skills I’d developed as a comic book illustrator to creating storyboards for my movies.

This page has links to some of my hand-drawn comic book/graphic novel illustrations.  Comics are a collaborative process, that sometimes involve the work of more than one artist.  When I was working as a comic book illustrator, rushing against deadlines, I would often write the comics and draw them out in pencil. Then other artists would trace over the pencil lines in ink to make them dark and clear enough to print.  The nice thing about the process is that the result is a fusion of the visual styles of two artists. Some of the artists I collaborated with included Tim Sale, Tom Christopher, Steve Adams and Robin Walker.  To see higher resolution images, click on the icons below.  To see my computer-generated comics, mostly created in Photoshop, click here.