5I bought the software Adobe Photoshop back in 1994, and soon discovered that it was a remarkable tool for creating photo-collage artwork. 

The Photoshop artwork I was doing in those days wasn’t true computer-generated art… I wasn’t rendering things in 3-D…. rather, it was a combination of elements I would draw by hand, interspersed with elements (like actors’ faces) that I’d photograph and collage in.  From 1994-1998 or so, I had a great deal of fun creating some Photoshop-generated comic books, under the banner “CYBER REALITY COMIX.”  

The comic caused a bit of a splash, and was featured on television and in several local and national magazines, and some magazines outside of the United States.

I started out publishing several issues of CYBER REALITY COMIX in the United States. After that they were picked up and reprinted, translated into Italian, by a publisher called Egmont, Europe’s largest publisher of comics and graphic novels at that time.  (They ran in an Italian digest called SUPER ACTION COMICS, which also included reprints of Batman, the Punisher and other popular U.S. strips.) Getting picked up by Egmont was nice because it meant my comics could be seen by hundreds of thousands of readers, instead of the 10,000 or so they had been reaching in the United States. (Super Action had a distribution of about 150,000-200,000 readers per issue.)

The stories in my Photoshop comics were crazy, wild stuff…. superheroes battling weird ridiculous monsters…. not the most cerebral subject matter.  They were mostly designed to explore effects that could be done with Photoshop, which was new to the world in those days.  (The Fantastic Four cover below is my adaptation of an old Kirby/Sinnott FF cover from the 1960s, that I loved when I was growing up… from the series that introduced the Silver Surfer.)  

Fun times!

P.S. If you’re interested in learning Photoshop, whether it’s to do artwork, or to use as an everyday tool to do things  like fix colors and crop photos),  I teach Photoshop classes in Seattle every quarter in Seattle.  I also have a “photoshop for artists” class I’ll be offering soon.  You can sign up at this link.