Film Classes

Thanks for visiting my Seattle film classes page. I have four film-related classes starting soon. They are co-sponsored by and the UW’s Experimental College. If you would like more information, click the links below:

  1. Crash Course in Filmmaking (all the basics in a four week introductory course)
  2. Let’s Make a Movie (in this class, we write and film an actual short movie)
  3. Start Writing Your Screenplay (a step by step introduction to screenwriting)
  4. Lighting Tips and Tricks for Filmmakers

Another class I recommend for aspiring filmmakers is Video Editing in Adobe Premiere (an introduction to how to edit independent films and videos using the popular software program), taught by Jon Peck.

To see ALL of my upcoming film classes, please click here.

A note about filmmaking and my Seattle film classes

I always loved filmmaking, even before I started doing it.

I grew up writing, drawing and painting… discovered acting in high school…. continued studying acting after I graduated, then wrote and directed some stage plays which played at the New City Theater, Seattle Fringe festival, and other venues in Seattle.  I drew comics and graphic novels, some hand-drawn, some computer-generated, partly because they felt like movies on paper.  I wrote stageplays that were actually disguised screenplays that I was adapting as I wrote them to the stage. I dreamed about actually making movies, not just homemade ones but professional movies that could play at major film festivals, but in those days, didn’t see a clear path to making it happen.

Then the world changed.  Some software called Final Cut Pro came along, and became affordable, and suddenly it became possible for aspiring filmmakers to begin making professional quality films even if they didn’t have multi million dollar budgets.  (Addendum: As the saying goes: “That was then; this is now.” At the time of this writing, 2014, I would recommend Premiere Pro over Final Cut Pro.)

In 2002, I got involved with filmmaking, and began making independent films.  In 2005, after the premiere of my feature film, Xeros, I began teaching filmmaking classes in Seattle.  

My filmmaking classes and workshops meet in north Seattle, on the U.W. campus. They’re co-sponsored by my own program,, and the University of Washington’s Experimental College.


The instructor is professional and well organized and had patience for questions from beginners. I will recommend the class to my friends. – R.W., Seattle

I took your class and I finnnnnnnally know what a best boy is!! Plus a million other things I was wondering about. Thanks for all the fun and helpful info. – Megan R., Seattle

I took your advice about how to camcorder for “free” – it was a win-win situation – worked great! – Neil G.

I learned exactly what I have been wanting (and needing) to. – Chris L., Seattle

Thanks for showing us how to make a low budget movie look great. – H.T., Seattle

You took me from doing amateurish films to making the kind of movies I had been trying to. Thank you for all of your help. – Jerry W. Kent

… just to say thank you for the class Nils. I feel like I’m on track now to make more professional movies and actually start getting them into film festivals. – Alan D., Bellevue