The S.A.D. (STANDARD AMERICAN DIET) leaves most people dead in their seventies. The ones listed below are alternatives. I’m using the word “diet” here to describe a WAY OF EATING, not a temporary “diet” like the ones used to lose weight.

  • THE CRON DIET  –– a diet which is extremely low in calories but extremely rich in nutrients. (Claim: could theoretically double the human lifespan) (based on results with lab animals) NOTE: If you commit yourself to the CRON DIET, you should not also do periodic prolonged fasting. (For more info – scroll down.) Learn more about the CRON DIET

  • THE LONGEVITY DIET –– formulated by Dr. Valter Longo (claim: could add 30 healthy years to your life) (based on statistical studies of long-lived populations) Note: personally I’m not a big fan of this diet, because it’s relatively high in carbohydrates and grains. But Dr. Longo’s work in developing it suggests that for many people, it could be an effective path toward a longer, healthier lifespan. (This diet can be practiced along with periodic prolonged fasting)

  • EATING A KETOGENIC DIET. Ketogenic diets are a new phenomenon. They’ve only been around for a couple hundred years. So it’s too soon to know how they affect longevity. But there’s some reason to think that the changes they work in the body could also increase longevity.