FASTING – springboard to a longer life?


  • Intermittent Fasting (taking breaks of various lengths between meals) has become popular as a means of improving health in a general sense, and losing weight.
  • Some people have also seized on doing PERIODIC PROLONGED FASTING as a means of doing a major immune system reset.Fasts intended to reset the immune system usually last around from around 5 to 7 days. Periodic prolonged fasting has been shown to extend the lifespan of animals by twenty to thirty percent. 
  • Dr. Valter Longo, whose research has transformed our understanding of both fasting and longevity, suggests that fasting for five consecutive days, at least four times a year, could add 20 to 40 healthy years to the average lifespan. (He recommends participating in what he calls a fasting mimicking diet, in lieu of water fasting.)
  • Like many people, I’ve started doing fasting. I’ve done some one day fasts, some two day, some three, four or five day. I actually felt much better after fasting than I had beforehand. If there are negative side effects, I haven’t run into them yet. (Not to say there may not be some negatives, but so far, all indications are that fasting has been very positive for improving my health.
  • Here’s a long article I wrote about fasting for health and longevity.