Hello! I’m Nils Osmar. Thanks for dropping by my website.

I was born in Alaska, and grew up in a little town on the southern coast. 

I moved to Seattle with my family when I was a teenager. 

I always loved doing artwork and writing when I was a kid, and found ways to incorporate them into my work life as the years went by.  I’ve worked over the years as a writer; visual artist and illustrator; actor; teacher; and filmmaker. 

I taught at the University of Washington’s ASUW Experimental College for several years, then started an educational program called “Classes and Workshops” in 2002. Its name was later changed to Rekindle School.

I’m the current Director of Rekindle School, where I also teach several different classes.

You’ll find information on this website about:

Plus, you’ll find links to some of my articles and blogs about subjects that interest me, including fasting, filmmaking, politics and longevity.

If you’d like to contact me, feel free to email me.

– Nils