MOVIE REVIEW: “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead 2”

First I should say that I like Joe Cross, and have a lot of respect for him. His previous documentary, Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, recounts how he lost some excess body fat and healed a major health problem through fasting. (He was doing juice fasting at the time.)

The first documentary was inspiring, and was helpful because it motivated a lot of people to start learning about fasting. This movie, not so much.

At the start of this one, a somewhat overweight Joe lectures his somewhat overweight followers about rebooting (juicing). One follower gushes about how “rebooting” made it easier for her to switch to a “plant based” diet. This ties in with the main theme Joe seems to be promoting these days, which is, eating more fruit and vegetables.

The problem is that, while many self-proclaimed health “experts” tend to parrot this recommendation, there really isn’t universal agreement about it. Some people on the road to better health find that eating more veggies does help their health. Others find that adding healthy cuts of meat does more for their health. Some even go full carnivore, at least for a stretch of time, and experience positive changes as a result. (And fruit, being fully of fructose, is inherently problematic for many people). The documentary would be more useful if it questioned Joe’s vaguely “veganist” assumptions, instead of wandering around in a search for confirmation of them.

One particularly silly sequence shows Joe self-righteously burning a bacon cheeseburger, implying that meat and cheese are what are making people sick and fat. He’d have been better off, I suspect, burning the bun (a source of unhealthy carbs) and eating the meat and cheese, as long as the meat was from grass fed cows.

Note to Joe — if you’re reading this — try switching to a paleo ketogenic diet, dude 🙂 You’ll find it an easy way to maintain a healthy weight. You can have the plants like so much on the side, if you want. And you’ll have something brand new to educate people about in your next movie.