More about the discount on NMN and other anti-aging products for group members

Hi everyone,

  • The product that I mentioned a few days ago in the Facebook Life Extension & Anti-Aging Group which I thought might be of particular interest to group members was their NMN 100 gram pouch.
  • It’s now available for pre-order on this page. (It’ll be available to ship in November).
  • The discount code is PATHWAYS
  • The current price of the pouch is £195.00. (At the time I’m typing this, this is around $254 in U.S. dollars) The 10 percent discount will lower this around $25.
  • Another product I think folks in the group may find interesting is their HMW (high molecular weight) Hayluronic Acid. HA is another compound which is present in large amounts in our bodies when we’re young, but may benefit from supplementation when we’re older. I haven’t tried it myself yet, but will be trying it soon. This study is an interesting overview. You might also want to watch Vera Gorbunova’s TED talk about HA on this page. 

Here’s a full list of anti-aging products sold by Donotage. They have a small selection, but have several products that I like The discount code can be applied to all of them. The only products I’ve tried out so far myself are their NMN and resveratrol, which I like. I’ll be trying their berberine and hayluronic acid soon:

  1. NMN – 100 gram pouch – this is available to purchase now, but won’t be will available to ship in November
  2. NMN capsules – this one is currently available to ship
  3. HMW Hyaluronic Acid (capsules) – appears to protect against skin wrinkling, UV damage, and may protect against some respiratory infections
  4. Bio Age Test
  5. Evening Supplement (Berberine powder; one gram of berberine per serving) (I’m told the name will be changing)
  6. Berberine capsules
  7. Fisetin
  8. Vitamin D3, K2 & Magnesium
  9. TMG
  10. Resveratrol capsules