Rekindle Protocol – My Results So Far

  • The photos on this page show the results I’ve gotten from following the Rekindle Protocol
  • In the photos on the left, I was 67 years old. In the ones on the right, I’m 68.  In the six months between taking them, I lost 40-45 pounds of body fat (mostly around my belly) and gained 10-15 pounds of muscle. 
  • I see these as a reflection on how the body can change in a short time if we’re eating a healthy paleo/Mediterranean diet, fasting, exercising, and taking some key anti-aging supplements.
  • I should emphasize that this is a work in progress. So far I’ve lost some fat and started gaining muscle. There’s still a long way to go to reach the physique I’m aiming for, but it’s nice to be making some progress.
  •  One change which is not visible (because I don’t have a “before” picture to compare to) is that my chest hair, which was white, has mostly turned dark brown. 
  • Sorry the lighting in the “before” photos isn’t better. They were taken in a room without any light coming in through the windows. This makes them a little murky.
  • See the full protocol on this page.


Here’s another photo, in which I’ve tried to match the lighting in the original, and the distance from the camera. Upper picture is last fall, lower picture is May 2021.