Anti-Aging Supplements – by Nils Osmar – Revised 10/15/2021

  • I’m currently taking the following supplements.
  • I don’t take all of them every day. But I do take some from each category every day.

  1. NMN (raises NAD levels)
  2. APIGENIN (maintains high NAD levels)
  3. ALHA LIPOIC ACID (raises NAD levels)
  4. TMG (restores methyls used up by NAD boosters)
  5. RESVERATROL (activates sirtuin 1)
  6. SIRT6 ACTIVATOR (FUCOIDAN) (activates sirtuin 6)
  7. BLACK ELDERBERRY EXTRACT (activates sirtuin 6)


  1. DHEA  (a testosterone precursor) (25 mg/day) (LifeExtension). NOTE: I take DHEA four days a week… two days on, one day off… and take a week-long break from it once a month.)
  2. MALE LIBIDO (Gaia) (includes Tongcat Ali and other T boosters)
  4. ASTRAGALUS (Gaia)
  5. L. REUTERI 6475 (also good for bone health) (BioGaia Osfortis)
  7. BORON (Life Extension)
  9. BLACK CUMIN SEED OIL (Mother Nature Organics)
  5. AKG
  1. NAC



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Why Take Supplements?

  • Compounds like NAD, Glutathione, HGH, Testosterone, Estrogen, AKG, and Nitric oxide are all key to health and longevity. We have high levels of all of them in our bodies when we’re young, but lower and lower levels as we get older.
  • There’s evidence that restoring them to youthful levels (which is actually very easily done) has both anti-aging and life-extending effects.  Taking dietary supplements can help restore them.

NAD Boosters and Sirtuin Activators

  • NAD (nicotinamide adenine denucleotide) –– NAD (or NAD+) is a coenzyme central to metabolism.
  • It boosts memory, improves mental clarity, improves mood and concentration, boosts neurological function, reduce symptoms of depression, and facilitates DNA repair.
  • By the time we’re in our forties, levels of NAD have fallen to half of what they were when we were young. They continue to decline as the years pass. 
  • We can raise NAD by fasting, taking saunas and cold showers, doing HIIT exercise, doing strength training, and/or by taking NAD boosters.
  • A recent study demonstrated that a few weeks of resistance training raised the NAD levels of non-athletes in their 60s to the levels of athletes in their 20s.

I take the following supplements to keep my NAD high and sirtuins activated:

  1. SIRT6 ACTIVATOR (DoNotAge) ––  (made from fucoidan, from brown seaweed.) To me this is currently the most important sirtuin activator. Fucoidan has been found to activate SIRT6. This supplement is a source of it. DoNotAge has stated that they test every strain of seaweed they put in SIRT6 Activator to verify that it actually is activating the SIRT6 gene, which is deeply associated with life extension. It’s only available by subscription on their website. Some other companies also make fucoidan extracts, but don’t guarantee it’s activating SIRT6. (You can also activate sirtuin 6 to some extent by eating lots of wakame, a type of seaweed. I make it a regular part of my diet). 
  2. BLACK ELDERBERRY EXTRACT (GAIA) – has also been found to activate SIRT6. I take it along with SIRT6 activator, NMN, resveratrol and apigenin.
  3. NMN (Donotage) –––– (NMN is a NAD precursor. NAD molecules are too big to fit through cell walls. Research has shown though the NMN can pass through the walls with the help of a transporter in the human gut, where the NAD is assembled into NAD. I take 1.5 grams of DoNotAge NMN
  4. TMG (Donotage)  –––– (TMG restores methyls used up when NMN, niacin, NR or other NAD precursor molecules are metabolized) (1 gram)
  5. APIGENIN ––– Apigenin prevents an enzyme called CD-38 to destroy NAD in the body. So it’s as important, in my opinion, as taking precursors. Food sources of apigenin include parsley celery and chamomile. I’ll sometimes take an apigenin supplement (from Donotage); other times I’ll eat some parsley or drink some chamomile tea.
  6. RESVERATROL (Donotage) –––– (activates sirtuin genes) I’m currently taking 500 mg. There’s some evidence that larger doses may be toxic.
  7. MCT OIL (Youn-Glo) –––– improves NAD+/NADH ratio (I usually mix a scoop of MCT oil powder in my coffee) (There’s also evidence that the ketones our bodies make when we use MCT oil may be protective against Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia.)
  8. QUERCETIN (Donotage) –––– activates sirtuins
  9. FISETIN (Donotage) –––– brain health; activates sirtuins
  10. RUTIN (NOW) –––– activates sirtuins (100 mg)
  11. ALPHA LIPOIC ACID –––– improves NAD+/NADH ratio (1200 mg)
  12. UBIQUINOL (COQ10) (Jarrow) –––– supports mitochondria; improves NAD+/NADH ratio. 200 mg. 
  13. PQQ (Health Through Nutrition) –––– triggers mitochondrial biogenesis (100 mg)
  14. PAU D’ARCO (Mercola) –––– rich in D. lapachone; improves NAD+/NADH ratio – 1 Capsule

Sex Hormone Boosters

  • Sex hormones: In men: ––– Testosterone is an essential hormone. It’s present in both men and women but in larger quantities in men. Men with high testosterone tend to have lower body fat, stronger muscles, stronger bones, better verbal memories, spatial abilities, and mathematical reasoning, better moods, and stronger libidos, then males who have lower levels. Low testosterone is associated with depression and with mood and memory problems in males. Men’s testosterone levels decline about 1 percent per year after age 30.  To restore testosterone to youthful levels:   We can raise testosterone by taking by doing strength training, taking testosterone boosting supplements, or by using hormone replacement therapy. Personal note: I was able to raise my T levels by exercising and by supplementation with herbal compounds. Having higher T levels improved my energy and mental clarity, and made it easier for me to lose body fat and gain muscle when I began doing strength training. The supplements I take include ashwagandha, astragalus, boron and some others.
  • Sex hormones: In women:  ––– Estrogen is present in both sexes, but in larger quantity in women. Benefits of higher estrogen include improved sleep; better retention of collagen; better skin thickness and elasticity; reduced risks of cataracts; reduced risk of osteoporosis; reduced risk of bones breaking; decreased tooth loss, lowered risk of colon cancer, improvement in mood and overall sense of mental well-being compared to women with lower estrogen. Testosterone and pregnenolone also play important roles in women’s health. Women’s sex hormone levels drop after menopause, triggering problems such as fatigue and sleep issues, mood swings and depression, headaches, and urinary tract infections. To restore estrogen and other female hormones to youthful levels:   Women can raise sex hormones to youthful levels by taking supplements or by using hormone replacement therapy.
  • In my own case, my testosterone levels started declining when I was in my 50s. I was able to raise them by exercising, improving my diet and adding the supplements below. My level is now over 826 ng/dL, the highest it’s been since I started testing it. It shot up almost 300 points in 2020, when I added strength training to my regimen.

I take the following testosterone boosters:

  1. DHEA ––– DHEA was an ingredient in the TRIIM trial which reversed epigenetic aging 2.5 years over a one year trial period. It’s a prohormone, a precursor to testosterone (though it can also turn into estrogen) (NOTE: People who take DHEA should do so with an abundance of caution, and study the possible side effects first, which can include more likelihood of cancer. I take it intermittently; two days on and one day off; and take week-long breaks from it once a month.)
  2. 7-KETO DHEA ––– 7 Keto is a metabolite of DHEA which doesn’t affect testosterone, but I like taking them together
  3. MALE LIBIDO (Gaia) ––– 2 caps (contains numerous herbs found to boost testosterone in lab animals.)
  5. ASTRAGALUS (Gaia)––– (Gaia) Both astragalus and ashwagandha are powerful anti-aging adaptogens good for anti-aging and testosterone and raising T cells. (Don’t take them during a prolonged (3-5 day) fast because they can prevent the body from finding and killing off senescent cells.)
  6. L. REUTERI 6475 (BioGaia Osfortis) ––– Many men who are trying to raise their T levels take it because it increases size of testicles in lab animals, significantly increasing the production of testosterone. Women may want to take L. Reuteri 6475 too, as it improves bone strength and density, particularly in elderly women. Other strains of L. Reuteri have not been shown to have these benefits. (Note: I take L. Reuteri with INULIN ––––  1 tsp – prebiotic (Organic Inulin Powder from Micro Ingredients) (because probiotics use prebiotics for food) (if you take probiotic supplements without prebiotics on fasting days, they’ll die off; they need food.) (I also take Swanson L. Gasseri as a supplement.)
  7. FISH OIL ––– I take fish oil these for brain health, heart health, testosterone levels, and testicular health. It increases blood levels of Omega 3. Like L. Reuteri 6475, it increases testosterone and increase testicular size.
  8. KRILL OIL ––– also increases blood levels of Omega 3
  9. BORON –––– 2 mg. Boron is essential but do not overdose – can be deadly.
  10. SELENOMETHIONINE (Thorne) –––– 200 mcg. Boosts T levels. Improves sperm health and motility. Counteracts the toxicity of heavy metals such as cadmium, mercury, and thallium. Do not overdose – can be toxic.
  11. ASTAXANTHIN (Bioastin) –––– (4 four-mg. capsules) Prevents sunburn if taken internally. Increase T levels if taken with saw palmetto, according to one study.
  12. SAW PALMETTO (Organic) (Wild Mountain Thyme) 
  13. NIACIN –––– has many uses, including increasing testosterone levels and regulating cholesterol levels and raising NAD. Caution: can cause flushing (temporary red/prickly/itchy skin) and can raise blood glucose. The sustained release kind can cause liver damage if taken in large amounts. I take the instant release kind. I take it with chromium, right before resistance training, to counteract the blood glucose problem.

Nitric Oxide Boosters

  • According to, “Nitric oxide is produced by nearly every type of cell in the human body and one of the most important molecules for blood vessel health. It’s a vasodilator, meaning it relaxes the inner muscles of your blood vessels, causing the vessels to widen. In this way, nitric oxide increases blood flow and lowers blood pressure.” Levels drop precipitously as we age. According to a 2014 study, “Impaired generation and signaling of nitric oxide (NO) contribute substantially to cardiovascular (CV) risk (CVR) associated with hypertension, hyperlipidemia, and diabetes mellitus.” 
  • To restore nitric oxide to youthful levels:  We can raise nitric oxide levels by eating foods high in natural nitrites such as celery, or by humming at the right frequency (which increases nasal NO levels). Also, according to this study, raising glutathione or taking glutathione supplements along with L. Citrulline raises nitric oxide. 

Blood Health Boosters

  • As we age, our “young blood factors” decline and our “old blood factors” increase. We become less able to make healthy blood cells. Toxic proteins accumulate in our blood. To restore our blood factors to youthful levels:   We can support the creation of new, healthy blood cells by taking GLA (gamma linoleic acid) supplements and by donating blood. 
  • We can clean our blood of protein fragments by taking serrapeptase, nattokinase and lumbrokinase.  
  • In a medical setting, researchers have tried replacing some of the old blood with either young blood or with a mixture of albumin and saline, with reports of rejuvenating effects.

I take the following blood health boosters:

  1. SERRAPEPTASE –– Cleans protein fragments from blood. Also great for relieving sinus congestion. I usually take it at night to clear my breathing.
  2. NATTOKINASE –– A highly beneficial enzyme, found in a type of fermented soy called natto. I take it once a week or so.
  3. BORAGE OIL  –– I take this for GLA, to support the formation of new blood platelets.
  4. BLOOD DONATION –– I also donate blood several times a years, both for altruistic reasons and because donating removes iron that can build up in the blood, and also removes old blood factors and forces the body to make new (young) blood cells to replace what was lost. I take extra doses of borage oil, black currant oil and taurine (necessary for new cell creation) after donating.

Brain and Skin Health Boosters

Our brains are obviously essential to life and consciousness. They lose neurons as the years go by, leading to memory impairment and a decline in cognitive abilities. To restore our neurons to youthful levels:   We can prevent brain shrinking and improve brain health and neurogenesis by eating right, fasting, and taking hyaluronic acid and other supplements. All of these are wonderful for brain health.

I take the following brain-and-skin-health supplements:

  1. HYALURONIC ACID – Donotage –––– HA prevents brain shrinkage as we age. Also good for smoother skin and fewer wrinkles. (When taken orally it hydrates the dermal layer of the skin, causing a plumping effect which makes wrinkles less visible.)
        1. NOTE: I have noticed two effects since taking this product. The first was smoother, more elastic skin. Some surface wrinkles have smoothed out, presumably because of the hydrating effect.
        2. The other effect, which totally surprised me, was how rapidly two recent injuries healed. I was moving a piece of heavy exercise equipment in my home gym, and didn’t notice two bolts protruding from the back of it. They scraped my legs as I moved it, leaving 2″ gashes on both legs and drawing blood. The healing began literally overnight. Four days later, there was almost nothing left of the gashes except a very slight discoloration where the injuries had been. There was never any swelling, and no pain except in the moment of injury. The only other treatment I did was rubbing a little aloe vera gel on the injuries after they had healed over.
  2. VITAMIN C (liposomal) – Mercola. I usually take 1 gram along with the HA because vitamin C further raises HA levels in the body.
  3. BIOTIN ––– good for skin health. I often take it along with hyaluronic acid.
  4. PS (PHOSPHATIDYL SERINE) – Jarrow –––– PS is good for brain health, mood and memory (I also eat lots of Atlantic mackerel, low-mercury tuna, and great northern beans, which are very high in PS)
  5. PANTHETHINE – Jarrow –––– a derivative of pantothenic acid. Lowers triglycerides. Raises HDL. Great for immunity. I like taking it with a teaspoon of royal jelly. (I also eat a teaspoon of royal jelly on my feasting days) (goes well with PS) Jarrow is a highly respected brand; I highly recommend their products.
  6. MAGNESIUM THREONATE – Jarrow –––– for brain health. The only form of magnesium that crosses the blood-brain barrier. Has been shown to greatly slow brain aging.
  7. TAURINE –– for brain health 
  8. LOW DOSE LITHIUM –––– I take a micro-dose, only 5 mg. Has been shown to have numerous benefits for brain health and in slowing brain aging.
  9. GREEN TEA for EGCG –––– I don’t take a supplement, I just drink some green or white tea.
  10. POLYPODIUM LEUCOTOMOS ––– prevents skin damage from sunburn.
  11. LECITHIN –––– A good source of phospholipids, good for brain health

hGH Boosters

  • hGH (human growth hormone) –– produced by the pituitary gland. HGH spurs growth in children and adolescents. In adults, it helps to regulate body composition, muscle and bone growth, fat and sugar metabolism, and possibly heart function. It’s used by cells during growth and in healing from injuries and other wounds. Note: some types of growth hormone are pro-aging. HGH has anti-aging effects. According to Harvard Medical School, “By age 55, blood levels of growth hormone are about one-third lower than they are in people ages 18 to 35. This drop also coincides with the reduced muscle mass and increased body fat that happens with aging.”
  • T-Cells are produced by the thymus gland. They decline because thymus glands become involuted, a process that goes on for years, leading to the gradual collapse of our immune systems. To restore T-cells to youthful levels:  We can support our T cells by rejuvenating the thymus gland. In the TRIIM trial, participants were given hGH injections, metformin, DHEA, vitamin D and zinc. The result was the restoration of their thymus glands and a 2.5 year reversal of epigenetic age.
  • We can raise hGH (growth hormone) by doing strength training, by fasting, by exercising, and by taking hGH boosting supplements (such as niacin, L. citrulline, beta alanine and creatine). We can also raise hGH by going to bed by around10 pm to catch the first natural peak in hGH production (it only occurs at this time, and only when we’re asleep).

I take the following hGH boosters:

  1. MELATONIN (0.3 mg) also boosts hGH. (I take it at night because it increases hGH and also promotes sleep)
  2. AKG (Double Wood) –––– (4 capsules) or AAKG (NUTRI-COST) (2 scoops). (AAKG is a salt of arginine and AKG.) I suspect that the AKG is what caused my body hair to go from white to brown.
  3. AAKG (NUTRI-COST) (2 scoops). A salt of arginine and AKG. Because arginine and exercise can negate some of each others’ benefits, I usually take it four hours after workouts. (Boosts testosterone, hGH and AKG)
  4. CREATINE –– 
  5. BETA ALANINE  –– 
  6. BERBERINE and/or METFORMIN  – Neither of them increases hGH, but they were part of the TRIIM Trial protocol because htey lower blood glucose, lower mTOR and activate AMPK. I sometimes just take berberine, but sometimes add in metformin. I take them with my last meal on my feasting days. I don’t take (usually) them on my fasting days because fasting itself has the same effects. Note: I sometimes also sometimes use Ceylon Cinnamon and Allulose to further lower glucose.
  7. ZINC (30 mg. zinc with 2 mg. copper) (essential to thymus health)
  8. VITAMIN D3 (Donotage) (Essential for many reasons.) (Comes in a formula with magnesium)
  9. MULTIVITAMIN/MINERAL – I take a multi to avoid getting micronutrient deficiencies on fasting days. (It’s not part of the TRIIM trial regimen, just a convenient time to take it)

AKG Boosters

  • AKG is a remarkable compound which has been shown to extend lifespan in both insects and animals. (The effect is more pronounced in females.) It also extends healthspan and compresses morbidity into a very small period of time toward the end of life. Like the other compounds mentioned, its levels drop precipitously as we get older.
  • According to, “Studies show that blood plasma levels of alpha-ketaglutarate (AKG) can drop up to 10-fold as we age.” 
  • To restore AKG to youthful levels:  We can raise AKG levels by taking supplements of AKG or AAKG (a salt of arginine), OAKG (a salt of ornithine) or CaAKG (a salt of calcium). I take both plain AKG.

Glutathione Boosters

Glutathione –– Reduces oxidative stress. Reduces cell damage in fatty liver disease. Improves insulin resistance. Increases mobility for people with peripheral artery disease. Reduces symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. May help fight against autoimmune disease. The decrease in glutathione correlates with a decline in executive function in the brain. To restore glutathione to youthful levels:  We can raise glutathione by eating whey powder, eating sulfur-rich foods such as eggs and garlic, and/or taking glutathione boosters. Taking NAC (N. Acetyl Cysteine) alone or with Glycine is one effective way of restoring glutathione to youthful levels

I take the following glutathione boosters:
      1. NAC ––– N. Acetyl Cysteine (I take Jarrow NAC, both for clear breathing at night and to raise glutathione levels
      2. GLYCINE ––– works synergistically with NAC
      3. SULFORAPHANE –– The brand I take is Avamocol. Found in mature broccoli, broccoli sprouts and broccoli seeds. Raises levels of glutathione in the plasma and the brain.
      4. SELENIUM ––– I take selenomethionine, but all forms of selenium raise glutathione levels. Foods rich in selenium may be more effective than the supplement.
      5. TURMERIC ––– has anti-inflammatory properties, and boosts glutathione
      6. MILK THISTLE ––– boosts glutathione and also lowers blood glucose.

Night Time Supplements

      1. ELDERBERRY –––– Elderberry’s good for immunity. Night’s a convenient time to take it. I sweeten it with a little allulose, which lowers blood glucose.
      2. VITAMIN C (LIPOSOMAL) –––– (I like Mercola’s best but sometimes take other brands). I take it because it detoxifies NAD and raises collagen.  – 2 grams
      3. NAC (regular and sustained release) (Jarrow) –––– (for clear breathing when I’m sleeping) 
      4. MELATONIN –––– I take a very tiny microdose, 0.3 to 0.6 mg at night, because it both raises hGH and promotes sleep. When I take it, I usually sleep better, longer and deeper.

Where to buy supplements

  • Supplements can be expensive. One way to save money, if you do decide to supplement, is to buy in bulk. (Powders are always much cheaper than capsules.) This costs more initially but much less per “serving.”
  • There are lots of good supplement companies. It’s important to find ones with good quality control. The ones I’m currently buying most of my supplements from include DoNotAge, Gaia, Biogaia, and Jarrow.
  • I have an arrangement with DoNotAge that gives people 10 percent by using the  Discount Code PATHWAYS.
  • Doing so also supports my Youtube channel. See this page for more information.
  • For more about my approach to anti-aging, see the REKINDLE PROTOCOL page