I was just re-watching the recent Joe Rogan interview with David Sinclair. The interview meanders a bit, but is worth watching more than once. 

One thing that’s new in it is the information that Sinclair is no longer taking metformin every day. He does still take NMN and resveratrol every morning, but skips metformin every other day.

His reason is that metformin interferes with the benefits of exercise. So he take it on the days when he does not plan on exercising. (Like many authorities, he recommends vigorous physical exercise every other day, instead of every day, to give the body time to recover from a workout.) 

Sinclair also talks about the recent study in which volunteers were given a combination of DHEA, metformin and HGH and were, astonishingly, de-aged two years. They took the meds for one year. At the end of that year they were TWO YEARS younger. 

They did not just “look” younger, but actually were biologically younger according to HORVATH’S CLOCK.

It’s an interesting study because the ingredients used in it, or analogues of them, are pretty easy to get hold of: 

  • DHEA can be bought in the U.S. as a supplement. (I recommend using the cream, not tablets or capsules.)(Emerita makes a high quality DHEA cream, available on Amazon.)
  • HGH can be raised by doing fasting. (According to some reports, a two day fast raises it by more than 500% in the body.)
  • We can’t buy metformin over the counter in the U.S., but we can buy berberine, which does many of the same things in the human body.

Note that there can be problems with all three of the medications used in the study; each of them has benefits and drawbacks. They have well-known benefits, but also some serious problems:

  • Synthetic Human Growth hormone has been implicated in causing nerve and muscle pain, fluid retention, tumors around the injection sites, and other potentially dangerous side effects. (No side effects that I’m aware of have been reported when it raised naturally by fasting.)
  • Metformin interferes with energy production in the mitochondria, and some people have reported experiencing muscle weakness and other difficulties when taking it.
  • When taken in tablet form, DHEA has been reported to cause liver damage.

In my own case —

  • I take BERBERINE instead of metformin (it mirrors the effects of metformin, but with fewer reported side effects).
  • I use DHEA cream, which is absorbed through the skin and bypasses the liver.
  • I don’t take HGH, but I take berberine and DHEA in the mornings when I’m FASTING, and my HGH levels should be high (i.e., at the end of a 12 to 16 hour intermittent fast). 

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Will taking berberine with DHEA, while fasting, reverse my aging by a couple of years? I don’t know. Here are some reasons it may not:

  • There were only nine people in the study. So even if I was using an identical protocol, that’s too small a sample to make sure it will work the same for everyone.
  • Berberine is similar to metformin, but not identical. It seems likely (to me) to work as well, but I could be mistaken. (But that cuts both ways. It has fewer side effects than metformin, so may work even better.)
  • Fasting raises HGH, but not as much as injections. If your levels are very low, raising them 500 percent may still not be raising them high enough to make a difference. Some additional HGH is better than none, but the increase from fasting may not be significant enough to have the desired effect.
  • To raise my HGH as high as possible, I would need to do more than just intermittent fasting. I will likely be starting some “real” alternate day fasting –– eating whatever I want one day, eating nothing the next –– an easy way to get our HGH levels high, then doing the berberine/DHEA combo on mornings when I’ve been fasting for 36, instead of 12 hours.

Read an article about the study HERE.

The video below is NOT the full interview. It’s a clip from it that covers the basics I’ll be discussing here: