Supplements I Take

Important note:

  • I like trying out different supplements.  So I’ve ended up with a cabinet full of more than I can take in a day (or would want to).
  • I don’t take all of the supplements listed below every day. 
  • But I do take some in each category on most days.

Stack 1: T-boosters

I start most mornings with a hot-cold shower (3 minutes hot, 2 minutes cold, 3 minutes hot, 3 minutes cold). This puts a little stress on my mitochondria. After the shower, I do 10 minutes in a red light chamber. Then an hour or so later, I usually take some Testosterone-boosters. 

What I take most days:

  1. Astaxanthin (16 mg)
  2. Saw Palmetto (organic) (200 mg)
  3. Reuteri 6475 (increases T levels; fortifies bones) (1 capsule)
  4. Boron (200 mg)
  5. DHEA cream (small dollop on wrists

About these supplements: 

  • Astaxanthin and saw palmetto multiply each others’ effect. Taken together, they give T-levels a decided boost.
  • I take them partly for longevity, partly for prostate health, and partly to support high testosterone levels.
  • Astaxanthin taken internally also prevents sunburn, thought it takes a couple of weeks for it to building up to a high enough level in your body to accomplish this. Because I take it, I can get sun exposure without having to smear on toxic, carcinogenic sunscreens.
  • DHEA levels drop as we age, so it be helpful to replace it. But it’s best not to use it every day, or apply it on areas where you have body fat, as it can be accumulate in the fat. I put it on my inner wrists where there’s no body fat.
  • As noted above, I rotate them. I take three of ’em every weekday; take a break from them on the weekends; and take the others when I feel like it.

Stack 2: NAD Boosters (and mitochondrial support)

Weekday mornings:

  1. NMN – nicotinamide mononucleotide – shown to raise levels of NAD+ in the body. I’ll take 3-125 mg capsules most days, up to 6 capsules on other days
  2. Resveratrol, fisetin and/or quercetin. All three are NAD+ activators. I like taking different ones on different days. (Fisetin, in large doses, also kills senescent cells)
  3. TMG – Trimethylglycine – replaces the methyl groups that are depleted when the body metabolizes NMN.
  4. PQQ (for mitochondrial biogenesis)
  5. Ubiquinol (goes well with PQQ to support mitochondria)
  6. Should be taken with a little fat or protein

More information:

  • I’m currently taking six 125 mg. capsules of NMN (nicotinamide mononucleotide) every the morning, along with resveratrol(450 mg) and TMG (1 gram). NMN increases NAD+ levels in the body.
  • Resveratrol activates the NAD produced by the NMN. I feel a major difference when I take them together.
  • TMG restores the methyl groups that are used up when our bodies metabolize NMN.
  • PQQ and ubiquinol support mitochondrial biogenesis.
  • Like Dr. David Sinclair, the Harvard Medical School Professor who has done much of the research related to NMN, I take the three supplements above along with a small amount of yogurt in the morning to make sure they’re digested. Sinclair takes 1 gram per day; I take 750 mg. Then I don’t eat anything else until noon. (I sometimes also take niacin, another NAD+ booster, at night, also with resveratrol and TMG).
  • Joe Rogan interviews David Sinclair about NMN

Stack 3: Other supplements

Supplements that I take once or twice a week include:

  1. Cinnamon, chromium and/or berberine (for blood sugar) (I take ’em at night, but also sometimes during the day)
  2. Multivitamin/mineral with B vitamins – high in B12
  3. Pantethine (for endurance and longevity)
  4. PS (phosphatidyl serine) for brain health
  5. Astragalus  (for telomere health)  (astragalus is an herb used in traditional Chinese medicine, which repairs telomeres) (Note: it should NOT be taken when fasting)

Stack 4: Nighttime supplements

  1. Niacin (500 mg) (increases NAD levels; promotes sleep) (Does have one negative side effect — when taken over a stretch of time, it tends to raise glucose)
  2. Chromium picolinate (lowers blood sugar) (so I take it with the niacin and berberine)
  3. Berberine – has various benefits, but I take it with the niacin as another way of offsetting the increase in blood sugar.
  4. Magnesium threonate (for brain health)
  5. Calcium/magnesium with vitamin D
  6. Time-release NAC (keeps my breathing clear)