10% Discount on NMN and Other Anti-Aging Products

Discount code: PATHWAYS

As a member of the Facebook group Life Extension and Anti-Aging, you can get a discount on products from Donotage.org. The discount code is PATHWAYS

  • One reason I set up an arrangement with them is because of the quality of their products. It’s hard sometimes when buying online to make sure we’re getting pure products. I don’t have this concern with them.
  • Another is that they were among the first to drop the cost of NMN, which I consider a key anti-aging supplement, down to where it’s affordable to most people. I’m currently using their NMN, resveratrol, apigenin, quercetin, fisetin, TMG, vitamin D3, magnesium, hyaluronic acid, and berberine.
  • For NMN users, I would recommend looking at their 100 gram bag of NMN. Their base price for the bag, after the discount, is around $225. (The exact amount depends on the exchange rate.)
  • NOTE: They informed me on 3/15/2021 that their price will be dropping in a few weeks to around $180 for the hundred gram package. After the discount, their price will be around $162 in U.S. dollars (around $1.62 per gram) (plus shipping). So if you’re thinking about ordering their NMN, you may want to wait for that price drop.
  • Their NMN is made by Uthever, a respected manufacturer. 

Discount code: PATHWAYS

Remember that to get the discount, you’ll need to type in the discount code on the checkout page.

P.S. Donotage is the sponsor of my Youtube channel, Pathways to Longevity. If you use the code when making a purchase, the channel will receive a small payment. This does not increase your cost. All of money raised goes back into the channel.