MY BIO: Nils Osmar is a teacher, writer and illustrator. He is the owner and director of Rekindle School, a private adult education program in Seattle.


I met Bill back in the 1990s.  I’d met him socially, and mentioned offhandedly that I’d drawn some comics in the past. He called me two days later asking if I could do a cover for the Golden Age of Comics Fandom (first edition). The project was the beginning of a decades-long friendship.

Over the years, we worked separately on a lot of projects, and together on a few. I’d write a screenplay, and he would read it and make thoughtful and incisive comments. He’d sign a contract to do a new book, and we’d brainstorm about possible titles and directions the narrative might take.  We had mutual interest in comics, science fiction, creativity, and cinema. When I did things like start a school, buy a house, or start thinking about making a new movie, he was there to help me brainstorm with me about it and to encourage me and cheer me on. 

He came over a few months ago for one of our usual visits, to see a movie and catch up on life. He seemed fine, though a little tired. Two weeks later, he called me asking for a ride to the doctor.  I was glad to be available to help out. His life ended suddenly and unexpectedly, and was both a personal and professional loss. He was a good friend. His friendship made a difference in my life.